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We have managed over 1,000 accounts with an annual spend of over $5,000,000. Our campaigns are managed to not increase traffic, but rather increase calls and customers!


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Immediate Result

The value of paid search is that allows you to target your marketing instantly.  This is the reason all of our paid search campaigns start within two business days.  Over 80% of our clients begin receiving calls and leads within 3 days of signing up with our agency.

Target The Right People

General traffic may look nice, but paid search is not the place to earn that traffic.  Our paid search campaigns are hyper targeted to those that are ready to make a decision.  This is why we implement several areas of focus including:

  • The geographic targeting for ad campaign
  • The time of day your ads appear

Keyword filtering * is where our agency brings the most value.  Because we have been running Adwords campaigns for so long, we are able to identify those keywords that are “buying” terms rather than “top of the funnel” terms.  Although, some clients with larger budget do benefit from a mix of these two styles of marketing. 

*Note: if you want the keyword “plumbing” – we make sure your ad does not appear when someone searches for “plumbing school”

What We Do | LocalSplash

What We Do | LocalSplash

Works With Your SEO Efforts

Paid Search can compliment your SEO efforts in two major ways.  The first and most obvious is taking up more real estate on the search results page. If you already rank for all your keywords, this is a great way to take up more valuable real estate and earn more opportunities. The second is brand based.  The odds are good that in your industry you see a lot of searches done for your brand, and the brand names of your competitors. This is an opportunity for you to increase you market share while protecting your brand name.

Your Competition Uses Adwords

We can prove it. Perform a few Google searches for keywords and terms you think your potential clients are searching.  If you are a dentist, search, “dentist near me”.

Count how many local competitors you see in the Ads results sections.

What We Do | LocalSplash

What We Do | LocalSplash

You Only Pay For A Result

Google Adwords and Bing both operate on a cost per click basis.  This means that you are only charged when someone click on the link displayed on the search results page.  This is important because it allows our team of Ad Writers to compile ads that speak to your audience directly and weed out those that may not qualify.

Ad Modification

One of the most important parts of Adwords and Bing paid search is testing the ads you run for each type of customer. As you are only paying per click, we track the number of conversion generated per advertisement we run. We then lower the amount we spend on non converting ad copy.  Each industry has its own specific style of ad content that works best to generate the lead and we are professionals at finding exactly what that is.

A great example of this is what you see here.  Is “1 Month Free” or “One Month Free” going to convert better for your business? There is only one way to know for sure and we test that for you, free of  charge.

What We Do | LocalSplash

What We Do | LocalSplash


According to Google, businesses generate an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on AdWords. This is dependent, of course, on what Adwords Management Company you are using.  If you are currently running your own campaign, you may not be seeing such a great ROI within Google Adwords.  To understand what we can do for you, we are happy to perform a Google/Bing paid search audit, free of charge.

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