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Higher Rankings Equals More Leads

When you look at effective local SEO, the goal is always to rank in the local map. This is the three local listings that come up, with a map next to them, which showcases the local businesses offering the services searched. The key is to optimize your Google My Business listing to ensure Google understands what your business offers.  This section allows your local business to compete with larger national brands. The Local SEO Agency has spent years perfecting our process to increase your my business listings rankings over the years and will create, optimize, and promote your local listing to achieve the goal of top 3 rankings.

As of now, Google receives about 70% of all searches online.  This is where the vast majority of your local customers are going to find the services they need, and you provide.  Google acts as a trusted source for people.  When you take into consideration the mobile search market, the market share is more around 90%.  This makes local SEO paramount to the success for any local business.  As experts in local search engine optimization, we will perform the following tasks to ensure your success, just in the first month.

  • Full Website and Local Listing Audit
  • Conversion Optimization For More Leads
  • Website level optimization for SEO
  • Create Local Directory listings with proper name, address, and phone number on over 200 websites
  • Create content linking campaigns to generate white-hat inbound links for increased rankings.

We also create, optimize, and verify your Bing Places listing in much of the same way as described above.

Get More Business

The Local SEO Agency is here to help local business owners compete with the national buying power of larger brands. Whether you’re a plumber, dentist, attorney, carpet cleaner, general contractor, etc. you probably have some major competition.  The Local SEO Agency has worked for years to perfect our process and have helped 100’s of local companies increase their revenue month over month.

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Having a professional Local SEO campaign can take your business to the next level.  Today, Google and Bing are the new phone book.   People have access not only on their computers, but also their mobile phones. Giving them access to your services whenever there is a need. When someone is locked out of their vehicle, they grab their cell phone and search “locksmith”. When they do that, Google can see their location and will provide them the results best optimized for the search.  The person stranded will then call one of the listing for help.  If that is you, you get the business.  The interesting part, is that this happens everyday for thousands of keywords.  Sadly, many local business owners don’t invest in local SEO and are giving that opportunity to their competitors. Our results driven local SEO services produce the results needed to ensure your business is part of the conversation.  These services include:

  • Optimizing your Google listing
  • Creating a large quantity of quality citations
  • Creating a search engine-friendly landing page for your business

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Accurate Business Information

One major issue that local business face is inconsistent information about their business. This can harm you in two way.  First, people are calling the wrong phone number or going to the wrong location.  Second, Google doesn’t trust a business that doesn’t have a uniform name, address, and phone number. This hurts your local rankings within Google and Bing.


The Local SEO Agency has a three step process for ensuring our client success.

Step One: Audit all local citations to identify any inconsistent information being pushed out about your business. This allows us to understand the entire landscape.  The team uses this as a baseline to start understanding what needs to happen in order of urgency.

Step Two: All incorrect listings are manually fixed.  With the information from our audit, we approach all websites to ensure they have the proper business information.  We work with these sites to make all changes needed.

Step Three: Create new listings. In our audit we also look at your local competitors to understand what is making them successful.  We then go after the same citation websites as well as create listings on high power websites to build trust with Google.

The Local SEO Agency also submits to the top 3 data aggregators online.  These sites manage the name, address, and phone number of the top websites in the world.  Allowing us to make quick changes or get your business listed quickly.

“”While our live listing rates are very impressive, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will become listings””

Great First Impression

Your website is the first interaction your brand has with a customer. This means it needs to portray what your business offers and show that your company is trustworthy. Don’t have a website yet? Not a problem.  Our in house development team can help you create a quality website that provides answers, while focusing on converting the site visitor into a lead.

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Getting your business ranking in local search is just the start of proper online marketing. The second half is to ensure you answer their questions, and showcase your businesses ability to solve their problem or fill their need. When someone clicks on your website in the Google results page, your brand needs to immediatly tell them they can trust you and you can help. This is why all local websites and splash pages we build are custom designed for your business specifically. We use our decade of conversion experience to help you, but your website needs to also be something you like. The Local SEO Agency provides its clients with landing pages and websites that are designed to:

  • Rank within Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Optimized for mobile traffic
  • Provide the key information to your customer
  • Ensure an easy conversion p0int for contact
  • Display images and video
  • Convert your site visitors
  • Drive leads – landing pages have a lead form that is linked to your email address

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Mobile Optimization

Nearly 80% of searches are done on a mobile device.  As the vast majority of these are done through a smartphone we focus on a phone call as it is the easiest way to get your customer to engage the brand with the least amount of effort.

Track Results

Tracking the results of your local campaign is important, not only for you, but also for us.  Our SEO experts use the data from our reporting to modify strategy and ensure your success.  It also provides you with details as to the what we have done, and the results it has created. 

The Local SEO Agency monthly report includes:

  • Local Online rankings
  • Website Traffic Breakdowns
  • Local Citations fixed and/or created
  • Call tracking include to track lead results.

There are a lot of fly by night SEO agencies out there.  The Local SEO Agency wants to ensure your success and earn your trust by being transparent to our activities. This will help you see the true value our agency provides.

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